Cubs is AMAZING!

  • By Colin Howard
  • 02 May, 2017

Lyla - 1st Ruddington Cubs

I joined Cubs because I knew that I would have skill, friends and a mind that would be blown away. I felt happy and good to have joined Cubs and the leaders are kind, lovely and helpful if you have problems. I love being a Cub because sometimes we struggle with activity’s we have never tried all learnt before and that is what makes Cubs fantastic. I especially love how Cubs is not just for boys, the activities aren’t just for boys, it is for all genders so that is what makes it outshine. The activities that I enjoy most are the hikes and where we learn new facts and experiments, I also enjoyed how to use a nail and screw to build a green bird-box and normally my Dad would never in a million years let me do that sort of thing at the age of 10! One of my friends got me into Cubs my saying “we do loads of interesting activities and amazing hikes” so I begged my mum to let me and now I am a member of the 1st Ruddington Cubs, so now I feel proud and important. There are loads of words and phrases I could describe Cubs including extreme, challenging, skillful and go to the limit!

So, I hope I have inspired you to join Cubs… go on! I know you want to!

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